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CleanSands, Inc. was started with the consideration to connect specialized beach cleaning equipment, beach cleaning machines and beach sand sifting tools that are compact, environmentally friendly, light weight and easily maneuvered to beach resorts facilities, beach owners, beach managers and beach cleaning contractors of any sand area. CleanSands, Inc. is the authorized US distributor for the equipment seen on our site. This equipment has been tested by us in real world applications, allowing us to offer them to you with your results in mind. From the testing results, we have selected unique beach cleaners with long life for years of service. They use sifting screens with intensive sifting action of the screens to remove the unwanted sand debris. They also have fewer vibrations for the operator. These machines have the ability to remove fine debris from sand areas and are excellent for the final beach cleaning process. Because they were designed with weight and size matter for the sensitive beach environment, they are unlike other machines on the market today. From our Barracuda walk behind with its rubber track drive to our Tractor Attached (not towed behind) models; the equipment produces less disruption and compaction to the beach sand environment, compared to other heavy tractor pulled behind models.

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