Beach Cleaner walk behind model


"An example of a walk behind beach cleaner driven with rubber tracks"

All major equipment manufacturers have developed Rubber Track Drive Systems in the past few years because of less compaction and greater stability on soft ground. Taking advantage of this, the new track driven Barracuda beach cleaner from CleanSands prevents compaction while aiding in operator's comfort. The track suspension creates less effort and less vibrations compared to older models clraners. The Barracuda beach cleaner is an excellent choice for working on the sensitive beach environment and because of its size, it will produce less disruption to sand areas. This Barracuda beach cleaner model from CleanSands is designed for sand areas in the small to medium size range and is well suited for soft sand.

The Barracuda walk behind beach cleaners can remove broken glass, cigarette filters, syringes, stones, sea shells, weeds, wood, pop-tops, hardened tar balls and animal droppings from beaches, golf bunkers or any sand areas. With the intensive sifting action of the screen, the sand is well aerated allowing the ultraviolet rays of the sun to dry and sanitize the sand. This beach cleaning equipment process helps eliminate harmful bacteria buildup and is recommended by many agencies around the world.

The Barracuda beach cleaner has very little sand compaction, because of the very low (pounds per square inch) footprint created by the rubber tracks compared to other cleaners. It also has the sifting screening action behind the drive tracks. The result is very few tire tracks and less compaction on the finished area compared to other older front sifting action models on the market. And because of its design, the unit is very maneuverable and easy to turn.

  • 6.5HP Honda GX Motor, located in front, less heat by operator
  • 35.4" working width
  • 0-4" working depth - large screen
  • 35.4" height
  • 67" length
  • 680 lbs
  • comes with 3 screen (8, 12, 15 mm)
  • 3 forward speeds, 1 reverse
  • hand clutch and steering brakes
  • 1 year manufactures warranty

"It makes sense to drive on the sand - then clean it, NOT clean it, and then drive on the sand"

 CleanSands, Inc. is the authorized USA distributor for the Models  



"Barracuda walk behind beach cleaner"

Reduced vibrations and better balance for maneuverability


"An example of beach cleaner Barracuda used in Volleyball court for cleaning sand and grooming"

The Barracuda is excellent for Volleyball courts

Barracuda Beach Cleaner - 35" working width

"VIDEO of Barracuda beach cleaner sifting in sand area"

Barracuda Brochure